sreda, 30. november 2011

apartment therapy

apartment therapy indeed!

i love love LOVE this website!

full of lovely tours of apartments, that prove that Americans DO have a sense of style (i beg you pardon, but many of home decorating shows and styling checks have proven otherwise).

a real rest for the eyes and a great idea teaser!

again ... LOVE IT !

here are just a few pictures, to see what i'm so openly "lovin' at" (all San Franciso region).

loving the light green letter M

chalkboard wall is a "must have"

great mix of colours + the cat <3

magenta rox !

great green + white + lol @ the cat <3
it's funny how all apartments have a suttle thread of common. but things that are noticable that almost all of them have are: 
- frames in all shapes and sizes, 
- ikea vs. expensive designer, 
- old vs. new, 
- big letters, 
- chalkboard & 
- at least one pet <3 :)

be sure to put this website among your bookmarks and enjoy the tours!

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