sreda, 09. november 2011

my fav things in ...

... v i o l e t

1 - ipod & wesc headphones. music plays a HUGE part in my life, so its hard 
       to not get around without it.
2 - aloe vera drink. super great for the body and  i love the grape flavour  
      + its violet!
3 - converse all star sneakers. bought these in London back in may. super
4 - i love frames. all shapes and sizes. these small ones will be a part of 
       a little family tree on a wall.
5 - deco arcylic colour + beads. can't imagine creating stuff without these.
6 -  travel guide. essential part of traveling. London would be one of the fav. 
       awsome city + my best friend lives there.
7 - eye shadow. i love make-up. i love powder shades. barry m.
8 - femi summer buy. love(d) it.
9 - long winter beanie. made it myself back in 2009. 
10 - earrings. can't emphesise enough how many earrings i have. strawberry 
        ones are a memory of my high school days. 

voila! next up: things in blue. i think. or maybe yellow?

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