četrtek, 25. oktober 2012

cART .5

another one! and it went by so fast! really, i feel like every (this is third one for me) art fair is even shorter.
a chilling saturday morning quickly got cozy by a morning coffee greeting me on my usualy place (thanks to Maruša & Tinkara <3). Lucija came right afterwards and we got into a girly chat whilst prepring our stands. Some of the lovely ladys that organized the whole shabang joined the "chat club", meaning, that we (well, I) totally forgot the time. it was waaay past 9:30.

After my quick hello to the other designers and a few shots i had to return to my stand - customers! it noon already!? where did the time go?! and just by skipping a beat, another cART.5 was under wraps. 

i was really happy to see some new designers and all lovely things they brought (prints, ceramic bowls, crystal earrings...) 

+ i've got a really nice suprise. Manja gave me one of her lovely hand painted frames <3 tank you!

it really as a lovely day once again. a big thank you to all the visitors and all the cART ladys. 
i'm taking a break in november, just to get ready for the most busy month to come.
dear cART, see you in december! :)

me and my Mimi stand


Studio Ninocka

watercolour and hand print <3

lovely prints!


Luko design

the chat club :)



P!ka- za piko na i
a gift from Manja - Okvirček

ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2012

i vote for London every year!

i'm back! i still need to adjust to the feeling of my small town rutine. 
no Tube, no big crowds (almost) running in the same direction, no guessing where everyone is from depending on what language they are speaking...
i will really miss the variety of street food from all over and seeing so many people comfortable in their own personal (sometimes really inspirational) style. 

but to be fair. im really happy to be back. to share the wonderful time i had and all the moment captured throught my lens. 

take a look.


V&A collar!

this was really inspirational

my best friend

brick lane street food

vintage goodies

my hosts
design museum london

punk exhebition




me @ Antropologie

torek, 02. oktober 2012

d i y . 7


i can not tell you on how many blogs, pinterest pictures and magazines i've seen this effect.

it was always on my  TO DO  list but i never had the right inspiration (not that you need it, really).
ok, the right "subject" to paint.

just past week i was looking at my two boring chairs and i had an idea.
i've included some wooden spoons and the paint party begun!


you will need:
- any woodden object - i've used two beech tree chairs and spoons
- acrylic colour - i went for neon pink, white, black, mint
- brushes
- masking tape
- water based lacquer 

it's pretty simple. just use the masking tape to differ and protect the areas you do not wat to paint. 
and then? 
get the colours and start painting! after the colour dries, just use a little waster based lacquer to seal the paint and to protect it from any damage. 
now they can be used freely - for stylish sitting or cooking!


 i've chosen a bold neon-white contrast! it gives the boring chairs a bit of an edge and it's super modern.


 happy painting!

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