petek, 30. september 2011


 a few days back i visited a lovely little shop in the old part of Ljubljana. was not the first time i was there, but was a first that i finally remembered to bring my camera and took a few pictures.

it is always a treat when i come & i always try to leave with a little something.

i actually managed to "collect" a whole total of 26 itmens (and more to come) from SISI shop :) talk about crazy for melamine :]

be sure to check it out if you don't already know it (hardly possible).

see you soon Sisi!

sobota, 24. september 2011

washi tape

ever since i've came across these tapes i've been wanting to have one...well two..ok four.and i've ordered 3 & via my best friend in London another two. i can't wait to get them and start using them in sooooo many different ways. for a little creative kid inside of you :) 

četrtek, 15. september 2011

bohemian color

 i ADORE these color palettes! i can't get enough of turquoise...or any other color for that matter.

 this gave me a great idea for DIY pillow - on my TO DO list!

 and this. i have a lot of basic frames that need a place to stay. with a little transformation and color they can make funky little gallery.

torek, 13. september 2011

AS project

i FINALLY finnished and sent the embroidered piece of fabric to perticipate in a Almira Sadar - vezena blazina project.

i made what i wanted and in colors that i love (practically ALL)

now i and many other talented individuals that took part in this lovely project, are waiting to see what wonder will come out of all our pieces.

All of our creations will be seen in a special exhibition on Design-Expo 13-14. October.

can't wait!

sreda, 07. september 2011

Sisley F/W campaign

tho my ALL BLACK phase is over for some time now, i love Sisley fall - winter campaign collection !
all the knitted stuff (male 2 ! that knitted skull is brilliant!), studdent leather and furry jackets 

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