torek, 17. julij 2012

d i y. 4

it's time for another DIY! haven't done.. no, posted one in a long time.

this time it's and old rocking chairs turn.

you need:

- an old wooden item that needs refreshing
- acrylic colour in the tone of your choice (i've chosen bright mint for main colour, bought in 
  ART-Celje and basic mat white for base colour)
- sanding sponges of different roughness surfaces
- 2 brushes (small and large, depending on how detailed is the item you are colouring)
- gloves (to have a better grip on sanding sponges and to protect your hands)
- water based fast drying lacquer

the "tools"

i had to sand the whole chair, to remove all the old lacquer. first with the most rough sponge (to really remove all the upper layers) and then a milder one to get a nice fine finish. after the sanding i washed it with a damp cloth, to remove all the dust (this is important, to have a nice clean fine surface before you start the colouring).

after sanding

after the chair dried, i coloured it with a base white acrylic paint. it drys really fast so i coloured it with the main mint colour right afterwards.

to get the NEW/OLD look, i sanded some parts of the chair to make it look like its worn out. i love love love  this effect. it is still quite popular in the interior world and, of course, in Scandinavian design.

worn effect in detail

all it needed was a thin layer of water based lacquer to fix all the colours and it was DONE!

finnished look - yellow polka dot pillow is just a little detail i've added to make it more comfy
i'm happy the way it turned out. it really brightens up the whole place + an old rocking chair with huge sentimental value got a new fresh modern look. 


ponedeljek, 16. julij 2012

saturday is a fun day

Saturday. after work. in Ljubljana. Garage sale in park Tabor. Gornji trg installation of colourful strings. Duran Duran (there is not a single pic; 2 blurry, 2 croudy). was FUN!

park Tabor

a very lovely little book in Sanje book shop


Gornji trg

torek, 10. julij 2012


love the deatiled work

some fo the designers

the place of the art fair - Celje's library


my favourite childhood cat

woohoo! finally! 1st mini art fair of uniqe handmade goods in Celje (my hometown) - cART.
i've visited it in the morning hours, when the fair got up and running. i've made some quick snapshots, because i had to go to work for 3 hours :).
'tho it was small, i was really happy that this sort of events are finally happening! cudos to all the designers, for their great idea, aniciative and for all who supported them, for this event to happen. i have to admit, i didn't even know that all of this designers are Celje based! another great suprise!
ceramics, framed paintings on old book pages, colourful deatiled jewelys, funky clothes, soft toys... anything you can imagine!

hopefully, on many more to come! it's a start, and a very good one!

and next time ( which has to happend soon!), i hope, i won't be in such a rush. good things take time, as they say ;)

and special thanks to Maja for a visit & bringing me coffe and vanilla treat! 

sobota, 07. julij 2012


 ...and when the only thing you want to eat is something sweet and fruity.

slovenian home-grown fig + stracciatella banana milkshake

Planica + stracciatella ice cream, rasberrys, mini marshmellows

cherrys from the market and reduced sambucus syrup

i have to show you my cousins dog. his name is Julius. he's Galgo and he's quite a sweetheart. he was adopted by him from a slovenian sighthound organization that takes all unwanted sighthounds from Spain, England...and find them new loving owners. i've met him only once (unfortunatley he was not there other times) and he stole my heart right away.

handsome one


petek, 06. julij 2012

četrtek, 05. julij 2012

flowers in the hair...

sold in Babushka Boutique

i've made this set of flower headbands.

for summer fairys, festival wildcats and urban princesses.
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