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i visited Zagreb yesterday. the weatherman promised sunshine, but there was none till late afternoon. luckily we spend the whole morning in the new shopping center Arena .we got there by a local bus from train station 4 km to SZ. was a 20 min ride + walking.if you want to explore Zagreb by foot/public transport make sure you get the daily travel card for 25 kun = 3,3 €. it's valid for all pubic transportations. a bargain!

so, back to Arena. besides a great new stadium it's also a big shopping mall. i was curious about the shops we don't have in Slovenia - Zara home, Sephora...
Zara has some amazing accessories for home. prices range from 5€ up to 500€ or more. because i was not allowed to take pictures (not even in secret beacuse its hard to hide behing a big camera with a loud noise), so you will just have to take my word that there was a lot of white, cream, gold & silver coloured stuff -> the coloures that make everything look expensive and "edel".

Sephora was amazing and "a must!" for make-up fans. i recommend.

after a healthy lunch we headed back to center.

 i've heard about 2 top places in Zagreb and i had to take a look.


loooove the turqoise + gold

it's a mix of parfume shop, tea & lounge ambient.
these kind of multi functional places are well IN in northen parts of Europe and im patinently waiting to see them all over our middle/southern part.
maybe hairdresser / muffin shop? awsome x)

great idea! NO, fenomenal idea!!

 nice little place, with a lot to offer. tho i did not stay longer than just to take a few pictures i was convinced why they are so popular. nice homey ambiet, frendly staff, great interior ideas and super food. they also make their own little gems of delicious goodies for you to take home.
next time lunchin' here for so!

nice use of a niche...

neo (fake) ghotic

i hate taking pics through a glass window, but this shop was super - with interesting floor

(almost) all felt clothes

great interior & interesting  clothes - green <3

another shopping center in the center :)
people ( i think mostly slovenians) say that croatian people have a more straigh view of their personal style and they put a lot of effort in what they are going to wear.
tho that has been proven that they were well dressed and groomed i wasn't able to overlook the fact that all women & men (not very different from slovenian) are dressed the same..well the same clothes combos in different variations.

so i've made a little mixer for you to get the idea :)

all good, but i think there was no 1 with a destinctive personal style to be seen the whole day i was there. maybe i just had some bad luck, but i really do think that you can find more stylish (colorful with their own pep) peeps on streets of Slovenia. so watch out world! ;)

overall i had a great day! i'll try to make Zagreb one of the yearly trips.

Doviđenja till next time! ;)

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