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Since i remember we had same old pincushions that my mom made way back in the day, from a orange/red fabric. after browsing through pinterest i've decided i'll make some new ones. i wanted to make only one, but once i've started i figured 2 more can't hurt ;)
i love details, so making the cake & cupcake took a bit longer + they were a bit complexe to make. but my point of this DIY was to show you, how you can make your own donut pincushion.
let's start!

1- all the things you need - 2 sheets of light brown felt, colourful yarn, 
    beads, sewing yarn, a compass.
2- you draw 2 circles on a papier with compass - big circle=9cm, small 
    circle=2,5cm- and you cut them out. now you have a basic shape of your
3- place the felt sheets together and trace the donut, then cut it out. 
4- draw another tracing of the donut on a new piece of papier. on radius 
    of cca 8cm draw an uneven line and cut the shape out. that will be your
    icing of the donut.
5- trace on one sheet of creme coloured felt and cut that out.
6- you place all the sheets of felt together (2 light brown pieces with creme  
    piece of felt on top) and you sew the middle circle of all 3 layers.
7- take the different pieces of yarn and start sewing sprinkles. be careful to
    only sew the cream + first layer of brown felt together.
8- for a little sparkle, add a few transperent beads.
9- after you've unleashed your imagination on sprinkles, it's time to do the 
    last phase of sowing. take the brown pieces of felt and sew all the way
    around. remember to leave a hole for the filling.
10- here comes the last part. fill the donut with pillow filling. be sure to put
     a good amount of it insid so that it will the take a proper donut shape.
     when your donut is fat enough sew the remainig hole together and...'re done!

you can use the pincushion for sewing needles, pins, broaches, badges...

2 komentarja:

  1. wuuuaaaauu kok kul !
    Mogoce grem jutr material nabavit, ker je tole tok luštno, da bi jzt tud to doma imela :D
    uh in potem bi bla še skoz lačna in bi mogla pečt razne dobrote :)

  2. oo hvala! ^^ jaaa, do it! :) pa pokaži, če pa še spečeš kaj, se pa tut priporočam :D ;)


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