ponedeljek, 31. januar 2011


ok..weekend does not have enough hours

i made 2 more head pieces

and these flowers will be a part of spring necklaces

i love the motive of flowers... always in trend & the words i mosty assosiate them with are: clamness, vintage, romantic, color burst.

great start of a week to you all !


petek, 28. januar 2011

finally !

the week is ending and i couldn't be more happy.

im tired. 

i was trying to make some night pics of Ljubljana...but either the bad weather or freezing cold won the game...so maybe next week.

tomorow i carry on with creativity where i left it.....can't wait!


torek, 25. januar 2011


my week didn't start very well...but nothing that a colorful pattern won't fix :)

STRIPES are IN (again) & a must-have for this spring/summer

i am not complaining :]

Marc Jacobs

i bought myself a striped dress (was super reduced!) so im ready to go! :)

i'll post a pic of it some other time 

petek, 21. januar 2011

sreda, 19. januar 2011


So...since i had to threw my wellies away (ironicly they were not waterproof anymore) im on a full hunt for new ones. 

so many different ones, its really hard to choose 

 but my pick are HUNTERs.


made it

my 1st set of necklaces. 

They are sold in Društvo Pozitive    http://www.pozitive.si/

I really do hope i get some time this weekend to start on a new line of spring necklaces. It's really a bummer when u have so many ideas and so little time.


ponedeljek, 17. januar 2011

home goodies

what i wouldn't say NO to right now

Marimekko light lilac bowl

Pip studio big flower bowl
Alvar Aalto vase


                                   Chair Rex by Niko Kralj (in color)


                                         Ingo Maurer Birdie lamp

                                         Nika Zupanc Lolita lamp


Now back to the drawing board 2 make a plan how to become insanely rich to afford all this ^^

good night

nedelja, 16. januar 2011


can't have 2 much earrings, right?
well i had to, sorta, clean up my earings box & selected all of those i DO actually wear these days. i thought the outcome of the count will be much higher. i guess im getting selective :)

i luv all forms of jewelry, except necklaces. i love to create them, but i dont wear them. for now :]

i love my gemini one, aries, capricorn, taurus & cancer.

3 + 6 = awsome!, 1 + 5 = would work with some tweaks

which piece of jewelry is your favourite?

sobota, 15. januar 2011

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