ponedeljek, 30. januar 2012

pillows ! .2

as i promised (at least i think i did) i've managed to finish all the other pillows i was working on... and i think i'm going  to do one more, as soon as i buy some fabric.



jellyfish front

jellyfish back

all together

sreda, 25. januar 2012


Since Ljubljana's Opera opened its renovated doors, i've decited it's time to get some posh cultural impact.

i wanted to wear smth dark and lacey. i bouth this dark grey dress and i found the most awsome clutch! 

it's so ME


petek, 20. januar 2012

" p i m p e d u p "

ever had the urge to pimp something up? 
like an old sweather, a skirt, shoes? 

zara sweather + hand sown sparkles

vintage swether from LND + glued crystals

selfmade 80's shirt + glued crystals

startar trainers + painted + selfmade laces

nedelja, 15. januar 2012

pillows !

why buy, when you can make it!  

this time i'm making pillows. 

i always need some creative challenges, so i came up with an idea to make some fluffy company for the couch.

this is the first one.

petek, 06. januar 2012


here are some of the pictures from this years festive days.

i ate  

zie food !

gave presents...

made this for Martina <3

...receved  a few also

had some DIY home projects - like my earrings stand
IKEA KVILL frames + lace = earring stand

i baked, i cooked, made no NY resloutions, hang out with the dearest people, missed the snow (but todays sunshine makes it up for it!)and made not enough pictures!
that is basiclly IT :) 
dear 2012,
be nice and we'll make it work as we go along with you.

četrtek, 05. januar 2012

cloudy broaches .2

i finally "pimped out" the cloudy broaches. the composition for the "photoshooting" turned out so lovely i almost didn't want it off the wall.

do you like it?

torek, 03. januar 2012

holidays are over ...

tuesdays "work"

...and i don't think that's a big secret. was a lot of fun, but it flew by way 2 fast. i barely got myself off the "lazy" mode. and i'm still gathering all the festive pictures to post.

i love free days. 

i finally made progress on some creative stuff, realizing some home improvement ideas, went to IKEA, cleaned up the room (well, the desk, but its a big one so it counts), baked and cooked some delicious stuff, got a whole bunch of lovely gifts (and gave aswell), ate an enormous ammount of cookies, spent the NY with awsome ppl...

i hope you all had a great time.

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