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d i y .3

i think over a year ago, i came across these masking tapes from Japan.
since then i've had a little obsession over them. it took me a while until i go my hands on one, then two, four....
i love how diverse they are and quite frankly i don't use ANY of scotch tape, for wraping presents or sending a letter (holiday cards beware!), anymore.

since my masking tape "collection" got bigger for 8 new ones, i've noticed i don't have a place to store them. so, i've decited to make my own MT holder.

here we go:

 1 - you will need:

- a measureing cup
- ceramic molding powder/moulding compound
- a medim thick branch
- water
- stir stick
- acrlyic colours
- plastic modul (anything you can find at home, i used cottage cheese cup)

 2 - measure the powder in the modul - i used two whole cups of powder; 
so, if you use 2 cups of powder you add 1 cup of water -> if you need more powder (depending on how big your modul is)you add along -> 3 cups dust + 1,5 cup of water and so on...

make sure you match the stick to the right modul (tall=wide...). preferably modul should be wider than taller, so it can distribute the weight evenly.

 3 - pour the mixture into the mold, holding the stick straight in the middle. i've put the modul under the radiator deep enough, so the stick would be leaning against it, keeping it (stick) straight while the mixture drys (you can gently tape it to the radiator, to make sure it will stay in its place). leave it to dry for a few hours.

4 -  carefully take the dryed mixture with a stick out of the plastic modul. because its a bit bigger than decorative moduls, i suggest you leave it over night, so the inside of the modul will be completely dried.

5 - after modul is completely dry, you can start the creative part. the colouring. for the bottom part and a bit of a branch i used acrlyic spray- colour: old gold. secure the other part of the branch with a spare plastic bag and a bit of tape.

6 - spray it outside and at least 25 cm away from the mould. leave to dry for 1 hour.

7 - pick your favourite colours and start colouring. i've used turqoise, magenta, silver, blues, green in a native american-inspired pattern.

8 - i used some colour on the base aswell, just to even the holder out.

t h i s    i s    i t   !

your own MT holder is done! + you can use it for bracelets aswell.

have fun creating.

4 komentarji:

  1. hvala! :) kreativa na polno! :)

  2. kok kul! pa nasploh ful lep blog / sicer ne uporabljam velik tega pridevnika, ampak je res prov lep :)

  3. awww! hvala! ^^ tvoj je božanski! barve in kombinacije, za katere niti ne veš, da pašejo skupaj, dokler ne vidiš! :)im a fan!


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