sreda, 23. februar 2011

H & M spring/summer 2011 - c o n s c i o u s collection

i officialy declare i'm a sucker for this collection!

femminine and a bit baby doll, perfect colors on a sun kissed skin, simple pieces with lovely details...
and i wouldn't care if i knew the clothes are probably going to be worn by many. i can't say i blame them :)

ponedeljek, 21. februar 2011

a little extra...

WoW! i somehow managed to go to Ljubljana without my camera - lovely!
i packed all sorts of cabels and battery chargers and i forgot the main reason i move all of that stuff back and forth. GREAT (NOT) start of the week.

I had no real inspiration to post something last week. I had so many ideas and i was so frustrated that i have to wait till the weekend to finally start realizing them. I have all my "things you need to be creative" stuff at HOME home in Celje, so weekend is really the time i come alive so to speak...hmm, that should really tell me smth :]

anyway...i started to browse around home decor websites and i didn't know that Zara Home is right around the corner...well in Zagreb; still close tho

and only thing that was going to my mind was - for what smartass reason we do NOT have Zara Home in Slovenia?!?! 


sreda, 09. februar 2011


I was thinking of showing you some of my favorite cosmetic products i use (almost) every day.

1 - Lip Balm papaya from Body Shop; its my third one & i love it! it smells and feels great + it colors ur lips in a very neutral way    (price= 5€)
PROS: - texture
         - smell
         - pocket size
CONS: - applying with fingers
              - when it gets to the end, its really hard to get it out

2 - Body Butter - papaya & lemon from Greenland; this was part of a present for my mom, so i didn't actually try it before. After she tried it, i was convinced i wanted one for myself.                                        (price= 8€)
PROS: - texture (light butter (not greasy) that absorbs fast)
        - divine smell--> EVERY inch of the body smells like you've dipped into a
          tropical sorbee + its lasts
        - natural ingreedients
        - size (fits in any bag- great for travelling)
CONS: - size --> tho it fits everywhere i do think the ammount of it its rather 
            small, considering the price and usage
               - applying with hands, would be easier and less messier with a pump

3 - Aera Tent Pure cream foundation from Vichy; i've been using it 5 years now & im pretty satisfied with it                              (price= 17€)
PROS: - great coverege even if u use a small ammount
        - doesn't cover pores & leaves skin breathing
        - addapts to your own skin tone
            - SPF 20
CONS: - i don't know what bottle/tube/container it comes in currently, cuz i   
            always get it in a different form !?, the PUMP one is the best
               - during the winter, make sure u use a good fat face cream before 
            applying the foundation, sometimes it can dry the skin

4 - The Original mineral based eyeshadow palette from Divine; just got it a few weeks ago and i love it; colors are a bit shimmery and a bit more earthy; this one is great for blue eyes                             (price= 11€)
PROS: - small size
        - beautiful colors, great pigmentation
        - eyeshadows don't cake and they last a whole day (recomended to be
          used with primer)
        - can be used with water
        - suitable for light daily or glam evening make up
        - great price
CONS: - it is mineral, so it can be flakey
          - sponge brushes are no use (to me at least)

5 - Vitamine E hand & nail cream from Body Shop;        (price= 8€)
PROS: - tube, so its easy to use
        - light texture
        - fast absorbance
        - suttle flowery smell
CONS: - does nothing to the nails
          - more suitable for spring/summer/fall, for winter do get smth more
            richer in texture and ingreedients

6 Moringa Milk Body Lotion from Body Shop; love love love this one! (thnx Martina, my London supply fairy ;) )                     (price= 14€)
PROS: - pump, super easy to use
         - very light milky texture
         - super absorband
         - divine flowery smell
         - moisturizes & softens the skin
         - cooling effect
CONS: - more suitable to be used in warmer seasons, but u can use it over a
            thicker body lotion

So, thats it! ;)

torek, 08. februar 2011

day of poets

Today is..well WAS the day for culture.....for some just the day off. Not judging at all!
The sunny day was just perfect for spending it outside. I didn't, cuz i wasn't feeling all that good. I kinda regret it now, not taking a stroll.

I finnished 2 necklaces & had a delicious lunch (our neighbour celebrated her b-day so there was a lot of food)

glorious food !

they seem a bit chunky, but that was the look i was going for :]


On sunday i went to a hair&cosmetic fair in my home town.
I think it was its second year, so it was pretty small, but i must say i expected more. 
It was mostly focused on nail art (they had nail painting competition the day before), presentations of new hair products for hair salons & cosmetic "alien" machines for cosmetic salons. So pretty much all the focus was on people with their own hair/cosmetic buisness.

I do hope the fair expands and attracts more companys (make up!!) in the years to come.

Tho it was small, i did manage to leave with some goodies ;)

I bought 3 nail polishes (yellow glitter, coral blue & clear glittler one) & tangle teezer - compact one (love it! - my mom got one for herself)


it was my mom's & my best friends b-day this sunday (aquarius! - i got that theme song of the musical HAIR on my mind). 
age is but a number, so i don't think its important what is the equation of the years they are celebarting :)

my friend will have to wait for her prezzie to come via post :)

good day gov'ner! ;)

sreda, 02. februar 2011


i don't think i've mentioned it here, but i was incharge for 6 days in the shop, bacuse my bosses went to the Design fair in Milano.

apparently its gettin "cheaper" by the year. a lot of junk 2 see/buy and a lot less real designer brands (by them being there, you can expect a lot of inovative displaying of products and over all a "worth seeing" presentation of the brand & its designs), they (my bosses) are regular at these fairs and they really noticed that some are gettin to be kind of a waste of time.

Next stop for them is Frankfurt (a lot bigger, better, more northern brands, especially Scandinavian & more international brands)

i can't wait to see the pics!!!

sooo..for a thank you for keeping eye on the shop i got this Diesel t-shirt from them (they L<3VE Diesel) ;)


torek, 01. februar 2011


im a fan of high heels....but im affraid my feet won't take the pressure of running around all day in high beautys; especially because of my work and current lifestyle

so..i've searched up some FLATS i think that could fit in my closet/on feet

 converse all star

 converse all star


hooray for shoes! :]
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