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do have a lovely evening ! kiss, hug, love, create, throw away the bad (but not the good bad!), surround yourself with colours, be healthy, read more (my wish to myslelf also), scream, laugh...enjoy 2012!

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petek, 23. december 2011


today's friday evening is for warm wine, gift wrapping and organizing old family pictures. 

i wish you all a lovely evening.

torek, 20. december 2011

sreda, 07. december 2011

gifts ?

since it's Christmas time (can't say i'm feeling it, since it's getting warmer. where is the snow?!) many of you are thinking - what to buy? - for that special someone - a loved one, a friend, parents, ...
let's face it. if you don't really know what someone wants, you're pretty much overwhelmed and under pressure of buying some stupid and quite overpriced gift, that will later on find it's way in the lost box of the Cellarland. or you take the easy way out by buying socks and shower&cream gift packs for everyone. for the fifth year.

i'm very much PRO diy gifts. creative, not pricey, great ideas out there! and you can be sure you'll get at least 30 min of focused joy of the recipient :)

none the less, you can still find some great gifts to buy, without hitting your piggy bank too hard + you still get extra originalty points.

i've made a little "gift sampler" of things that are - not too serious, artsy, colourful, trendy & by taking a closer look @ the websites, you'll see you can find something special for everyone around you (even gran*).

* grandma

četrtek, 01. december 2011

d i y .3

i think over a year ago, i came across these masking tapes from Japan.
since then i've had a little obsession over them. it took me a while until i go my hands on one, then two, four....
i love how diverse they are and quite frankly i don't use ANY of scotch tape, for wraping presents or sending a letter (holiday cards beware!), anymore.

since my masking tape "collection" got bigger for 8 new ones, i've noticed i don't have a place to store them. so, i've decited to make my own MT holder.

here we go:

 1 - you will need:

- a measureing cup
- ceramic molding powder/moulding compound
- a medim thick branch
- water
- stir stick
- acrlyic colours
- plastic modul (anything you can find at home, i used cottage cheese cup)

 2 - measure the powder in the modul - i used two whole cups of powder; 
so, if you use 2 cups of powder you add 1 cup of water -> if you need more powder (depending on how big your modul is)you add along -> 3 cups dust + 1,5 cup of water and so on...

make sure you match the stick to the right modul (tall=wide...). preferably modul should be wider than taller, so it can distribute the weight evenly.

 3 - pour the mixture into the mold, holding the stick straight in the middle. i've put the modul under the radiator deep enough, so the stick would be leaning against it, keeping it (stick) straight while the mixture drys (you can gently tape it to the radiator, to make sure it will stay in its place). leave it to dry for a few hours.

4 -  carefully take the dryed mixture with a stick out of the plastic modul. because its a bit bigger than decorative moduls, i suggest you leave it over night, so the inside of the modul will be completely dried.

5 - after modul is completely dry, you can start the creative part. the colouring. for the bottom part and a bit of a branch i used acrlyic spray- colour: old gold. secure the other part of the branch with a spare plastic bag and a bit of tape.

6 - spray it outside and at least 25 cm away from the mould. leave to dry for 1 hour.

7 - pick your favourite colours and start colouring. i've used turqoise, magenta, silver, blues, green in a native american-inspired pattern.

8 - i used some colour on the base aswell, just to even the holder out.

t h i s    i s    i t   !

your own MT holder is done! + you can use it for bracelets aswell.

have fun creating.

sreda, 30. november 2011

apartment therapy

apartment therapy indeed!

i love love LOVE this website!

full of lovely tours of apartments, that prove that Americans DO have a sense of style (i beg you pardon, but many of home decorating shows and styling checks have proven otherwise).

a real rest for the eyes and a great idea teaser!

again ... LOVE IT !

here are just a few pictures, to see what i'm so openly "lovin' at" (all San Franciso region).

loving the light green letter M

chalkboard wall is a "must have"

great mix of colours + the cat <3

magenta rox !

great green + white + lol @ the cat <3
it's funny how all apartments have a suttle thread of common. but things that are noticable that almost all of them have are: 
- frames in all shapes and sizes, 
- ikea vs. expensive designer, 
- old vs. new, 
- big letters, 
- chalkboard & 
- at least one pet <3 :)

be sure to put this website among your bookmarks and enjoy the tours!

torek, 29. november 2011

decorations already ?

i've already put up some christmas decorations. i've changed the colour theme and added a few new ornaments. 
 i don't want to use a regular christmas tree, so i think i will go for branches in a vase.
latley i've been very fond of all sorts of sticks & branches that you may find lying around when you're walking through parks or woods. they are an awsome inspiration for DIYs.
one of those "do it yourself" is in the making as i type.

this years IT colours are pale pink, cream, light gray, gold & silver + i've added blues to brighten everything up.

and to complete my tuesdays morning i had some of nostalgia biscuits. i loooved these when i was little. dunking them in tea to get them all soggy, smell of cinnamon, lovely shapes... one of the seasons fav for sure.
do you remember these? :)

ponedeljek, 28. november 2011


i've been making more collars in my home workshop.
i've decided to make more black ones, for one simple reason - they are basic. tho you can still make them each in it's own individual style.

more to come.

nedelja, 27. november 2011

d i y .2

Since i remember we had same old pincushions that my mom made way back in the day, from a orange/red fabric. after browsing through pinterest i've decided i'll make some new ones. i wanted to make only one, but once i've started i figured 2 more can't hurt ;)
i love details, so making the cake & cupcake took a bit longer + they were a bit complexe to make. but my point of this DIY was to show you, how you can make your own donut pincushion.
let's start!

1- all the things you need - 2 sheets of light brown felt, colourful yarn, 
    beads, sewing yarn, a compass.
2- you draw 2 circles on a papier with compass - big circle=9cm, small 
    circle=2,5cm- and you cut them out. now you have a basic shape of your
3- place the felt sheets together and trace the donut, then cut it out. 
4- draw another tracing of the donut on a new piece of papier. on radius 
    of cca 8cm draw an uneven line and cut the shape out. that will be your
    icing of the donut.
5- trace on one sheet of creme coloured felt and cut that out.
6- you place all the sheets of felt together (2 light brown pieces with creme  
    piece of felt on top) and you sew the middle circle of all 3 layers.
7- take the different pieces of yarn and start sewing sprinkles. be careful to
    only sew the cream + first layer of brown felt together.
8- for a little sparkle, add a few transperent beads.
9- after you've unleashed your imagination on sprinkles, it's time to do the 
    last phase of sowing. take the brown pieces of felt and sew all the way
    around. remember to leave a hole for the filling.
10- here comes the last part. fill the donut with pillow filling. be sure to put
     a good amount of it insid so that it will the take a proper donut shape.
     when your donut is fat enough sew the remainig hole together and...'re done!

you can use the pincushion for sewing needles, pins, broaches, badges...

torek, 22. november 2011

d i y .1

usually when i have an idea i can't wait to realize it.
i wanted to have a grey oversized man's sweater that can also double as a casual sweater dress.

w h a t ?

- xxl man's sweater, colour: grey, ebay for 10€
- 2 deco textile paints, colour: black + glitter crystal
- swarovski crystals double cone mix 4mm
- paintbrush
- larger plastic bag

 i've drawn a large circle - i went for the simplest and everlasting design + the first this i thought of - using a compass. then i just fill in the circle, edge first! (plastic bag goes underneath so the back of the sweather does not get coloured)

i let it dry overnight, then ironed it on medium heat so the colour was set and it was safe to be washed.

that's all the magic! pretty simple.

oh! and i've added a few swarovski stones just to "girly it up" a bit :)

ponedeljek, 21. november 2011

kolor bug

i've came across this colourful product just browsing through some magazine. it's pretty new one and for now only availabe in Australia & USA (or i just didn't look enough)

it colours your hair in an instant --> like make up for you hair + it washes off at a first wash! 
no bleaching, no manic panic, no commitment to one permanent colour, for whatever mood you're in and every occasion.
blonde, brown, black or something in will stick.

i want this! i've been colouring my hair black for at least 5 years now and just recently i've added a bit of bright orange. i would really have some fun with these babies! ;) i think it retails for 19€.

if you see it, let me know and in a meantime i'm going to hoover around hair salons (i think they'll be the first one to get this).

sreda, 16. november 2011


the best part of Ambient was the presentation of different art schools & socienty of slovenian designers.
you got the feeling they really let them express their imagination ( that is what im missing on my uni sometimes).

see for yourself.

i was really pleasantly surprised! 

i hope to see more next time.
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