sreda, 15. junij 2011


so, as i are more of the goodies i brought with me from London <3

 i love the nailpolishes and the new glitter palette. it will last 'till the end of my days probably :)

...some of new BLING.
i made a new batch of bracelets, size SMALL ...

...and if the saying is right "you are what you eat", then today im a big fat juicy home grown tomato ;) NOM!

sunny wednesday to you all! (+don't forget 2 watch the sky tonight!)

sobota, 04. junij 2011

new additions

so...i couldn't leave London without peeking into some stores & leaving with some goodies.

2 of my fav new things.

Paul's Boutique 2011 Spring/Summer Bag
                  Daisy by Marc Jacobs 

next time ... other lovely things i bought.
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