torek, 29. november 2011

decorations already ?

i've already put up some christmas decorations. i've changed the colour theme and added a few new ornaments. 
 i don't want to use a regular christmas tree, so i think i will go for branches in a vase.
latley i've been very fond of all sorts of sticks & branches that you may find lying around when you're walking through parks or woods. they are an awsome inspiration for DIYs.
one of those "do it yourself" is in the making as i type.

this years IT colours are pale pink, cream, light gray, gold & silver + i've added blues to brighten everything up.

and to complete my tuesdays morning i had some of nostalgia biscuits. i loooved these when i was little. dunking them in tea to get them all soggy, smell of cinnamon, lovely shapes... one of the seasons fav for sure.
do you remember these? :)

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