petek, 23. marec 2012

slow busy spring

2/5 of creative stuff waiting for me

seriously. when have i stopped posting every 2 days or didn't bother to do so 'cuz of NO TIME?!

it really is frustrating when you want to be all cool and multitask everything universe throws at you. usually i'm pretty good at it; but even i have to admit defeat.

i'm swimming in the sea of piled up creativity, studying, not the right inspiration & feeling of being run over by a truk.

i'm hoping i'll get out of this funk soon. NOT my cup of tea at all :)

ever had days that i'm having?

četrtek, 15. marec 2012


i haven't posted anyting in 9 days! the horror! :) almost like a mini holiday.
i've been busy + hadn't had any inspiration of what to post. untill now.

made some new spring easter inspired window deco

new headbands

all about neon! :)

ponedeljek, 05. marec 2012


this satruday i've spent celebrating my aunt & uncles 50th birthday.
i have to say i had a great time! the whole closer family got together. they've (the 50+50 couple) arranged the whole trip with a bus, just for us.
we went to Slovenia's Primorje - Vipava, Ajdovščina, Kras.

we saw a lot of beauty that that region has to offer, ate great food and drank some fantastic wine. all in all a perfect intimate celebration! :)

here, the great wine we drank, grows old

wonderful dessert


Vipavski cross

our hosts <3

my rather large close family :)

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