ponedeljek, 21. november 2011

kolor bug

i've came across this colourful product just browsing through some magazine. it's pretty new one and for now only availabe in Australia & USA (or i just didn't look enough)

it colours your hair in an instant --> like make up for you hair + it washes off at a first wash! 
no bleaching, no manic panic, no commitment to one permanent colour, for whatever mood you're in and every occasion.
blonde, brown, black or something in between...it will stick.

i want this! i've been colouring my hair black for at least 5 years now and just recently i've added a bit of bright orange. i would really have some fun with these babies! ;) i think it retails for 19€.

if you see it, let me know and in a meantime i'm going to hoover around hair salons (i think they'll be the first one to get this).

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