torek, 22. marec 2011


since i can remember i always had a fable for lamps (ironicly my room suffers form a huge lack of mentioned subjects)

its always good to pick a lamp/lamps that will go well with your rooms interior, inhance its style or just complement its colors palette.

ADVICE: if you are not sure that you will make the right choice, follow this: - you only need a lamp for reading or to add more light in the room (direct/indirect): picking a lamp in a neutral color, with a simple design & shape. That way you can have more than one piece of the same lighting + it will blend in with the room and not take focus or make you feel that the room is cluttered.

 - you need a lamp to complete your rooms design and to be a piece that makes a statment on its own : you could pick anything you want really, but be careful that you have just a few of them - big rooms --->  1-3 pieces + let them be in the same color scheme or shape
- small rooms ---> 1 piece, it can be more colorful and shaped more complexe

 ...and my pick:

1 - Birdie - Ingo Maurer
2 - Jansjö - IKEA
3 - Retro Lamps - Svenssons & Lammhult
4 - Liquid Lamp - Caina's Design
5 - Sticker Lamp - Alicero Signoli
6 - Maskors Lamp - IKEA
7 - Frou Frou Lamp - Taj Wood

What is your favourite room piece? 


četrtek, 17. marec 2011


because we are slowly renovating the appartment in Celje, gives me a lot of time for planing, changing and to think of new ideas how each room should look like.

today on the menu:    -----> KITCHEN !

i don't really like ultra modern/polished/minimalistic kitchens....they seem like they don't reflect any of their owners personality.

my ideal kitchen would be smth with a touch of modern feel with retro accessories and lots of colors

torek, 01. marec 2011

zapestnice / bracelets

these are a half of the bracelets i made.....they are going to be sold in a wonderful little kids bookstore/concept store Lenka+škrat in my hometown Celje.

the other have i made are already in the concept store of young slovenian designers - Društvo Pozitive 

i think they are perfect for spring/summer time that is right around the corner (hopefully)

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