torek, 22. november 2011

d i y .1

usually when i have an idea i can't wait to realize it.
i wanted to have a grey oversized man's sweater that can also double as a casual sweater dress.

w h a t ?

- xxl man's sweater, colour: grey, ebay for 10€
- 2 deco textile paints, colour: black + glitter crystal
- swarovski crystals double cone mix 4mm
- paintbrush
- larger plastic bag

 i've drawn a large circle - i went for the simplest and everlasting design + the first this i thought of - using a compass. then i just fill in the circle, edge first! (plastic bag goes underneath so the back of the sweather does not get coloured)

i let it dry overnight, then ironed it on medium heat so the colour was set and it was safe to be washed.

that's all the magic! pretty simple.

oh! and i've added a few swarovski stones just to "girly it up" a bit :)

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