sreda, 29. februar 2012

n e o n !

again. i've made smth new. NEON! - which is all the rage.
tmrw they are going to Ljubljana with me.
have a very sunny thursday (especially those who are from Slovenia. we've been having totally "springy" weather, so lets enjoy it!).

torek, 21. februar 2012


some new additions have happen to hop in my closet.

some pastels, some royal blue, animal print ...will always be in my closet, stars - are out, but the piece had a super low price + on how moody fashion is, im sure we'll see them soon and ...h&m green flats which will soon get a Mimi pimp over.

i'm not a big fashion slave and i don't tend to dress myself in every single thing that is offered as "IN".
lets face it. there are not a lot of ppl that can pull off every single trend that is thrown at us (almost) daily.
i do pay attention to it* and work dress myself around it.

2 things are important to me :
1. being comfortable in what i have on (even heels, if the mood is right)
2. still being true to my own style no matter the fashion trends

                        what is your favourite trend this season?

nedelja, 19. februar 2012

sunday . . .

after spending some awsome pust (carneval) saturday - p.s. this was the first time in all my life i was not in costume ! - with people i haven't seen in a long long time i had to have an easy sunday.

sparkles & Led Zeppelin

purples:  blueberry banana shake + music + beads

 this will be some limited neon necklaces i will be working on this week.
can not wait!

sixth BLUE necklace in the making

četrtek, 16. februar 2012

h&m 2012 fashion against AIDS

super fashionistas already know about this one!

new H&Ms Fashion against AIDS collection (out on 26th of April). i love the whole Mexican Day of the Dead theme & neons which are (again) IN this year.  fashion is recyclable, so i'm pretty sure we'll see this trend repeated next season. 

i've made a little collage of collection's pieces that i like the most and would not mind having them in my closet. 
TOP item: !of course! tie-dye super short jean shorts! <3


četrtek, 09. februar 2012

cultural day

tbc Celje - city under city

modernistic exhibition

lovely cakes

illustrated panells of a lovely little shop Vila Malina

rest of the day...

i had a culturaly - sweet - creative- sunny wednesday.

torek, 07. februar 2012

b l u e

i am making a little collection of necklaces in this years TOP seasons colour BLUE. 

im very pleased with, how the first one came out :)


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