petek, 20. april 2012

Vila Malina

So, i've got a new job. 
It's in a lovely colourful little shop in the center of my hometown Celje. Meet Vila Malina.

A place of kid friendly toys, vibrant colours, home accessories, jewelry, playroom &chaning room, birthday celebrations, creative inspirations.

"workspace" ; in the backround  are well known posters from Celje-Slovenia's graphic designer Radovan Jenko

every detail is important so owner Urška always makes sure that the vases are full fresh flowers

playroom which doubles as a birthday celebration area

changing room

a view from the counter

origami mobiles & flags made by Ninochka

new window display

isn't it lovely? <3

just another day...

huh. i have to tell you one thing. it really is hard to write titles to the new posts! 

yesterday i've spend my whole day in Ljubljana (Slovenia's capital for thos who are not fellow citizens).
had to go to the uni, dropped off some of my stuff to various shops & strolled around all the lovely shops Ljubljana has to offer. i was rather dissapointed in the clothing departmnets. not that they don't have enough clothes (we all know that is NOT the case lately) it's just... nothing relly caught my eye. and some are gettin more and more expensive without increasing in qulity or design. 
so my mini shopping ended up in buying a new bag, Rice cup, washi tapes and beads, new lipstick and an additonal cosmetic bag instead. a good turn out none the less.

l'oreal lipstick - impulsive fuchisa, wahi tapes - Prometej, rice cup - Sisi shop, beads - Prometej, cosmetic bag - H&M

Zara bag

torek, 10. april 2012

easter with no (real) eggs

this one rules the living room for over a year now - Miho Italy

Dodaj napis       

So, we had another holiday weekend. Easter to me is more or less the time to see my extended family and eating chocolate :) and as i've pointed out in the title, i haven't ate any real eggs! except chocolate ones. i will never say NO to them. i've cooked some yummy food, was creative and enjoied first raindrops of the season. 

Today i start another chapter in my life, which im really happy and exited for! 
more of that later ;) 

enjoi the lovely sunny tuesday!

ponedeljek, 02. april 2012


i've decided to pimp-up some basic black flats. i've done this to two pairs that i wear and the third ones are in the way. i love how they get a custom unique look (which i loooove).

these are for grabs tho ;)
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