torek, 28. avgust 2012

Saturday is for Artish

another saturday after work in Ljubljana!
first the Body's exhebition, then Nostalgic Saturday at Park Tabor, lunch, a stroll through stores, then finally Artish and to top it all off a Jesus Christ Superstar Musical.

was a very fun, hot, colourful, musical saturday!

so many lovely things....

a new slovenian orinated restaurant with traditional slovenian desserts/snacks from Prekmurje region. they are a bit on a heavy side, but sooo delicious.

just look what Artish has to offer.
i was o happy i was finally there (it took 9 Artishes already, but it's never 2 late) to se what gorgeous must-have's slovenian designers are making


LONDON calling! im going there in the beginning of October!

naturally we had to stop here and fill up on energy - a lovely interior is just a big + addage
completed the day with a new pair of tights, Andy's Campbells soup card and a prezzie from Jana <3 (we had a little exchange of headbands)

ponedeljek, 27. avgust 2012

d i y. 5

another fun and easy DIY!

it started out as an idea for a gift. i loved the outcome so much i've made some for myself and by doing that i might aswell show you guys, how it is done.

let us start! 

 you will need:

 - any plain white ceramic/porcelain cup
 - porcelain pen (i've used black one - it goes for about 4€)
 - drawn mustaches 
 - white sticker (for more accurate and easy drawing)

    fold the sticker in half, draw a half of moustache (or use a pre drawn tamplet) and cut it out.

position the sticker where you want your moustache to be and stick it. with a thin black marker draw the outline of the moustache.

let it dry for a bit, then remove the sticker. don't worry if the line is a bit "runny". it won't be visible after the colouring.

draw over the thin line with the porcelain pen, so you get the thick outline of the moustache. now, you just fill it in!  let it dry and guess what? you are DONE!      ta-da! :)

 you have your own stylish tea/coffee/cacao/ drinking cup. or use it for pencils, make up brushes,....

      i <3 moustaches

ponedeljek, 20. avgust 2012

cART . 3

Mimi goodies

Dodaj napis

click on the link to learn more and get to know all of the designers!

Saturday was a perfect day for another art fair. Third one to be exact. and this time i also took part!
i was really happy with the whole organization, the weather and the visitors. i've met some new creative designers, lovely customers and i was overall happy withe the great vibe of the fair. 

a big thank you <3 to all the lovely ladys for organization and to start things off in the frist place!  

i'll let the pictures speak for themselfs and we'll see you in september! be sure to come!

nedelja, 19. avgust 2012

morje - sea

freedom <3

i'm back!
it was great, sunny, salty, relaxing and blue!

Slovenian coast line : Piran, Koper, Portoroz and Croastian Istra: Pula

četrtek, 09. avgust 2012


Dodaj napis
i'm off ! to taste the sea. to take some lovely pictures for sweet memories. to fill up my creative batteries. and to be on an all ice cream diet! ;) 

see you on saturday of 18th for another cART event!

torek, 07. avgust 2012

last week's collage .2

1 mimi cloud in Vila Malina  2 homemade sorbet - banana, mixed berries   3 homemade pizza   4 mimi orient bracelets in Vila Malina

1 mimi beads bracelets in Vila Malina  2 nom fruits from the market  3 mimi kites in Vila Malina

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