sobota, 12. november 2011

visiting . . .

red bench in front of an old creamy coloured house. like cherry and vanilla.
but there's nothing "vanilla" about what's inside.lola.

i've been in the little shop numerous times. always without camera and never dissaponited. it's been going strong for 8 years now and i see no end. 
it has a lovely, warm atmosphere and a very homey feeling. 

home accessories, bags, slippers...

wallets, barrets, earrings, broaches, necklaces...

the shop is family run "buisness" and they are really supportive of slovenian design, so it really isn't difficult to miss MADE IN SLOVENIA signs :) it's a really great place for slovenian designers to show their work to the world.

+ it's impossible to come and not to stay for a while, because in addition of super goodies, girls are just lovely. friendly, talktive adn helpful! they rock!

tik tok, alice in wonderland

bubblegum earring anyone? or schrooms?

would have these in my size 39 :)

since this september my MIMI jewls are here for sale. and im really thankful for the opportunity <3.

xxl neckace
collars, necklaces, earring & broaches MIMI

so when you are walking by the river, remember to watch out for red bench and stop by. to buy smth lovely for yourself/a friend or just to fill up on creative energy. it's well worth it! <3

big thank you to Manca!

'till thursday Lola! 

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