nedelja, 13. november 2011


last thursday i went to ambiental fair in Ljubljana. my expectations were not high. actually i didn't have any at all. i just wanted to see what slovenian companys and designers have to offer.

first thing i noticed was that some of the companys really put a lot of effort on presentation of their newest designs and furniture/ and some left me wondering, if i'm in my home town @ (usually) september's Intrnational trade fair. thank you, but i don't need a pamflet on 3-years old special offer washing machines.

the best one for me from the "commercial" part of the fair + they won an awward for the best presentation.

"king size" beds are IN again

good use of small space

i was pretty fast walking through isles of baths and kitchens. when you see one, you've seen them all - considering this fair. nothing really inovative and playful. but slovenian homes are still pretty classic, so it was prefectely suited to that. and THAT is allright by me. 
coming through a large glass door and seeing stoves and gass grills i was going at rocket speed! not my cup of tea at all. that's mans field.


i would take a few of these home with me :)
so. first part left me neutral. overall nothing special with a few gems.
i was more pleased, when i saw, what other halls were hiding. and they were hiding some real treasures!

but that is left for the next post :)

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  1. hehe če mi ne bi šla baterija bi verjetno imele skor isto objavo, ker so me pritegnile iste stvari (kakor si tud ti že ugotovila)! :D
    joj te stole bi jim vse domov odnesla :)


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