petek, 22. junij 2012

to my best friend

i made her a collar  +  h&m flats that i piped out

this is what i gave my best friend. as i said, it really was like a second Christmas.
i have a plan to make some S sized clutches and she will be the first one to get one.

+ i can not wait to visit her in London!

četrtek, 21. junij 2012


i'm -clearly- a summer child! yesterday, that time of year came again & i felt like a second Christmas.

i need to mention i really do have  the bestest friend, even!
she & her boyfriend came for a 14 days holidays to Slovenia and Croatia and we had some time to spend together. she suprised me with an early b-day present...well presents! i was speachless! tho im the sencond half of m 20's i still appreciate all those little nick-nack, colourful little delights & cute packages.

take a look

Body Shop goodies <3, nailpolishes and funny wipes

i love to bake, so this is just what i needed!,

graphic t-shirts from Threadless

 isn't she d best? :)

bday muffins

magnet from Remake i bought myself

studded black pants - j'adore

mini chocolate nutella cake

bday lilies from my mum

pozitive mantra card from Babushka

i really had alovely day!

petek, 15. junij 2012

2 new mini collections!

Both collections (GEO entirely, Frida bits) are made out of special paper light porcelain white clay.  i love them both.
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