sreda, 07. december 2011

gifts ?

since it's Christmas time (can't say i'm feeling it, since it's getting warmer. where is the snow?!) many of you are thinking - what to buy? - for that special someone - a loved one, a friend, parents, ...
let's face it. if you don't really know what someone wants, you're pretty much overwhelmed and under pressure of buying some stupid and quite overpriced gift, that will later on find it's way in the lost box of the Cellarland. or you take the easy way out by buying socks and shower&cream gift packs for everyone. for the fifth year.

i'm very much PRO diy gifts. creative, not pricey, great ideas out there! and you can be sure you'll get at least 30 min of focused joy of the recipient :)

none the less, you can still find some great gifts to buy, without hitting your piggy bank too hard + you still get extra originalty points.

i've made a little "gift sampler" of things that are - not too serious, artsy, colourful, trendy & by taking a closer look @ the websites, you'll see you can find something special for everyone around you (even gran*).

* grandma

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