nedelja, 30. oktober 2011

Venice Biennale

yesterday was B i e n n a l e day <3

Venice is still lovely and still full of turists; but they didn't come out untill 11 o'clock, so it was a really nice morning stroll through the misty narrow streets, small bridges, avoiding plastic bags of weeks trash - all supported by a good company of talktive (they are pretty fotogenic, as i'll show you later) seaguls looking for their breakfasthave i mentioned my jeloausy of italian markets?? srsly...10 (maybe more) different sizes and colours of tomatoes and we are happy if we have 4 (i'm pretty sure we only have 2, regular one and cherry tomatoes). it really is a treat walking through markets no matter where i go. they always leave me wondering how come we don't have that much diversety. but that is a whole nother story.

                               St. Mark's square "waking up"

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