nedelja, 30. oktober 2011


second part of biennale continued to Arsenal in the industrial part of Venice. there's a lot of open space so artists can really make ther work come across. this year they even expanded it so it was really a treat. there were not a lot of constructional exhebitions, but they compensated that with a lot of beautiful pictures and paintings.

                                                     ahoj dragon !

                                  handsome poser, the seagul

                                     religiously provocative 

                                        i'll take the skull, an egg & a snake, please.

overall i think the Biennale was a success. a lot of beautiful art & full of inspiration. despite a seemingly negative note, it leaves you with a optimisticly positive thinking, maybe even for you to inspire yourself to change something. that is what we need in todays society. and i think THAT was this years Biennale all about. im glad i went.

if you have a chance to see it, i warmly recommed it. Venice Biennale.

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