nedelja, 30. oktober 2011


Biennale was bigger this year as i remember it. it feels like they are adding a little smth each year. i like it. the theme was " i l l u m i n a t i o n s", which really didn't came across to me so i guess it was really left to how you interpritate it. literally taken was seen in some pavillions but all in all i got the feeling that everything was concentrated around war, religion, people vs. technology, violence, vulgarity, bold strong colours and some unexplainable formations. but i appreciate the push to use your own imagination.

                                                fake pigeons

                                                                this is kinda ironic innit?

 this was a cash machine incoroporated into pipe-organ that plaied random tunes when you withdrawed money.

    french pavilion. picturs of babies on tape running through pipe construction.

                                       find (Wally)...a soldier.

this pavilion was pretty chaotic and very violent. it showed graphic pictures from Tunisian war. kids were not allowed in.

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  1. kulsko <3

    jzt ga bom letos spustila, ampak vidim da se dogaja in da je dost za videt! fajne fotke si naredla ! ;)

    p.s. i love ur bag! :)

  2. fala <3

    ja je blo kr velik..6 ur čistega bienala je bila res velika doza :) jst pa še nenaspana, tak, da sem se tresla na konc dneva :D ooo, gracias za torbico! -> paul's botuqie, sčekiraj na netu :) je mal bol fensi, sam lepo (kvalitetno) narejena, pa tut cena ni velika ;)


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