sreda, 26. oktober 2011

my fav things in...

... g r e e n.

1 - h&m knitted winter gloves. had them for 4 years now.
2 - lomo diana mini camera.
3 - vintage small comb for hair. goes great with my black hair.
4 - washi tape. usable in 101 different ways.
5 - satin ribbons. i use them in my creations ALL the time. the green dotty  
       one is the latest purchase.
6 -  faber castell ruler i had since i started uni. can't imagine doing my work
       without it.
7 - markers. doesn't matter which brand or size as long as they are    
       long-lasting. light green one is one of the fav.
8 - hair pins and elastics. both h&m.
9 - barry m nailpolish. mint green. last seasons summer colour, but i'll wear
       it even in this years winter.

as i was looking at my stuff i noticed i have many things (even clothes) in the same colour palette, so that inspired me to do a little "experiment" of - my fav things in ... - so expect more of this.

what colour are your fav things :) ? 


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