ponedeljek, 10. oktober 2011


since this october i ended my job @ FLAT. probably for a year, but i'm still adjusting to the fact i don't have to be somewhere at 9 o'clock.

as a "goodbye-see-ya-later" gift my bosses gave me a brand new Lomo Diana mini camera! i was so exited and touched, because i really felt like i ment a lot to them and we've really made an awsome team over the past 4 years! (gees, i've been there since the opening of the shop) i already put it to use, but it will take some time untill the pictures will be developed. pictures can't be deleted so i'm REALLY picky what will i take a picture of...this could take a looong time :)

+ i had some fun with bleach this weekend. i cut off the hoodie and the ends of the sleeves on my old sweater and i just sprinkled some bleach whereever i wanted the color to fade. this kind of style is pretty IN this season, so if you have some old t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, leggings ...you can bring them back to "life" with some drops of bleach. make sure you have a plastic surface underneath and use gloves! leave it to dry over night (the effect of the bleach is stronger the longer you leave it on), wash it under warm water (to remove excess bleach and smell) and then wash it in the washing machine. the effect is great and you made it yourself so you get extra creativity points for that!
now excuse me, i've got some black clothes to blech back to life!

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