ponedeljek, 21. februar 2011

a little extra...

WoW! i somehow managed to go to Ljubljana without my camera - lovely!
i packed all sorts of cabels and battery chargers and i forgot the main reason i move all of that stuff back and forth. GREAT (NOT) start of the week.

I had no real inspiration to post something last week. I had so many ideas and i was so frustrated that i have to wait till the weekend to finally start realizing them. I have all my "things you need to be creative" stuff at HOME home in Celje, so weekend is really the time i come alive so to speak...hmm, that should really tell me smth :]

anyway...i started to browse around home decor websites and i didn't know that Zara Home is right around the corner...well in Zagreb; still close tho

and only thing that was going to my mind was - for what smartass reason we do NOT have Zara Home in Slovenia?!?! 


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