torek, 08. februar 2011


On sunday i went to a hair&cosmetic fair in my home town.
I think it was its second year, so it was pretty small, but i must say i expected more. 
It was mostly focused on nail art (they had nail painting competition the day before), presentations of new hair products for hair salons & cosmetic "alien" machines for cosmetic salons. So pretty much all the focus was on people with their own hair/cosmetic buisness.

I do hope the fair expands and attracts more companys (make up!!) in the years to come.

Tho it was small, i did manage to leave with some goodies ;)

I bought 3 nail polishes (yellow glitter, coral blue & clear glittler one) & tangle teezer - compact one (love it! - my mom got one for herself)

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