sreda, 02. februar 2011


i don't think i've mentioned it here, but i was incharge for 6 days in the shop, bacuse my bosses went to the Design fair in Milano.

apparently its gettin "cheaper" by the year. a lot of junk 2 see/buy and a lot less real designer brands (by them being there, you can expect a lot of inovative displaying of products and over all a "worth seeing" presentation of the brand & its designs), they (my bosses) are regular at these fairs and they really noticed that some are gettin to be kind of a waste of time.

Next stop for them is Frankfurt (a lot bigger, better, more northern brands, especially Scandinavian & more international brands)

i can't wait to see the pics!!!

sooo..for a thank you for keeping eye on the shop i got this Diesel t-shirt from them (they L<3VE Diesel) ;)


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