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I was thinking of showing you some of my favorite cosmetic products i use (almost) every day.

1 - Lip Balm papaya from Body Shop; its my third one & i love it! it smells and feels great + it colors ur lips in a very neutral way    (price= 5€)
PROS: - texture
         - smell
         - pocket size
CONS: - applying with fingers
              - when it gets to the end, its really hard to get it out

2 - Body Butter - papaya & lemon from Greenland; this was part of a present for my mom, so i didn't actually try it before. After she tried it, i was convinced i wanted one for myself.                                        (price= 8€)
PROS: - texture (light butter (not greasy) that absorbs fast)
        - divine smell--> EVERY inch of the body smells like you've dipped into a
          tropical sorbee + its lasts
        - natural ingreedients
        - size (fits in any bag- great for travelling)
CONS: - size --> tho it fits everywhere i do think the ammount of it its rather 
            small, considering the price and usage
               - applying with hands, would be easier and less messier with a pump

3 - Aera Tent Pure cream foundation from Vichy; i've been using it 5 years now & im pretty satisfied with it                              (price= 17€)
PROS: - great coverege even if u use a small ammount
        - doesn't cover pores & leaves skin breathing
        - addapts to your own skin tone
            - SPF 20
CONS: - i don't know what bottle/tube/container it comes in currently, cuz i   
            always get it in a different form !?, the PUMP one is the best
               - during the winter, make sure u use a good fat face cream before 
            applying the foundation, sometimes it can dry the skin

4 - The Original mineral based eyeshadow palette from Divine; just got it a few weeks ago and i love it; colors are a bit shimmery and a bit more earthy; this one is great for blue eyes                             (price= 11€)
PROS: - small size
        - beautiful colors, great pigmentation
        - eyeshadows don't cake and they last a whole day (recomended to be
          used with primer)
        - can be used with water
        - suitable for light daily or glam evening make up
        - great price
CONS: - it is mineral, so it can be flakey
          - sponge brushes are no use (to me at least)

5 - Vitamine E hand & nail cream from Body Shop;        (price= 8€)
PROS: - tube, so its easy to use
        - light texture
        - fast absorbance
        - suttle flowery smell
CONS: - does nothing to the nails
          - more suitable for spring/summer/fall, for winter do get smth more
            richer in texture and ingreedients

6 Moringa Milk Body Lotion from Body Shop; love love love this one! (thnx Martina, my London supply fairy ;) )                     (price= 14€)
PROS: - pump, super easy to use
         - very light milky texture
         - super absorband
         - divine flowery smell
         - moisturizes & softens the skin
         - cooling effect
CONS: - more suitable to be used in warmer seasons, but u can use it over a
            thicker body lotion

So, thats it! ;)

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