nedelja, 02. september 2012

d i y. 6

another one!

stars will be IN again this fall/winter!
not to buy every single thing for (sometimes) rediciouls high prices, i chose to re-make something and make it original.

you will need:
- a sweater (i got H&M one on sale)
- textile colour - my choice is silver --> metallics rule! + at least 2 different brushes
- piece of papier and a pencil

how to:



the sweter is short and really wide. i'll make a pic of me wearing it in the future - it really turned out awsome!
   use the iron to fix the colour into fabric and your new fall piece is ready to be worn!
   i'll combo it with black for cold/warm fall days.

                                                 i wish you happy colouring! :)

3 komentarji:

  1. waw super ideja in realizacija! lajkam zelo =)

  2. Res fajn, luštn projekt :) men je zmer tok dobr čekerat kaj drugi kaj ustvarjajo pa preurejajo :) xx


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