torek, 28. avgust 2012

Saturday is for Artish

another saturday after work in Ljubljana!
first the Body's exhebition, then Nostalgic Saturday at Park Tabor, lunch, a stroll through stores, then finally Artish and to top it all off a Jesus Christ Superstar Musical.

was a very fun, hot, colourful, musical saturday!

so many lovely things....

a new slovenian orinated restaurant with traditional slovenian desserts/snacks from Prekmurje region. they are a bit on a heavy side, but sooo delicious.

just look what Artish has to offer.
i was o happy i was finally there (it took 9 Artishes already, but it's never 2 late) to se what gorgeous must-have's slovenian designers are making


LONDON calling! im going there in the beginning of October!

naturally we had to stop here and fill up on energy - a lovely interior is just a big + addage
completed the day with a new pair of tights, Andy's Campbells soup card and a prezzie from Jana <3 (we had a little exchange of headbands)

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  1. Zgleda ful fajn, naslednjic lahko mogoce zdruziva moci in greva skupaj na izlet v LJ ! :)
    Drugace, ce bos ta tedn kej prosta se mi javi, da greva mal pocvekat!*

    1. jaa, dajva! :) sem po 18i uri ;) nujno, da poročaš! :)*


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