torek, 04. september 2012

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Since i came back to Celje, i've started to notice there are many little shops and old handwork business i never noticed before!
i've decided to introduce some of them.

First one is a family run little business, that specializes on leather goods and shoe repair. owner, Lucija, had very kindly let me photograph her little workshop, where all the magic happens! 

take a look

picture of generations - Luko craftsmanship has a long history

after a happy hello i was greated to a worskop full of old sewing machines, colourful display of different threads and lots and lots of fabric...from leather to cotton. from jeans to felt.

Lucija really is a creative lady! not only she was one of the last few that profesionally earned a degree in shoemaking, she uses different materials to create personalized stuffed toys (bunnies!<3), bags for differetn occasions in purposes, school bags and slippers for kids, baby booties,...u have an idea and she'll make it! key: originality and uniqueness.
1 heels to die for   2 baby felt booties   3 cotton handmade bunnies

1 shopping bag    2 leather baby girl shoes   3 more bunnies   4 shopping bag

everything is made...

bubbly owner Lucija

handmade sturdy slippers for warm days or just to be stylish at home

 so if you are looking for something handmade and special do stop by.
if you need a present for a special someone, something for every generation in your family, a new bag or a hot pair of new heels, or even just a little fix up to your beloved shoes...Luko design is the right place @ Gosposka 27, Celje, SI!

i know where im going to take my leather gladiator shoes for a fix up from now on!

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    1. anede! :) sem se prav nate spomnila! :D

  2. Ker veš, da sem tvoj fan --> ;)

    xo, Maja

  3. Krasna foto reportaža.Še zdaj imam odprta usta.


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