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another fun and easy DIY!

it started out as an idea for a gift. i loved the outcome so much i've made some for myself and by doing that i might aswell show you guys, how it is done.

let us start! 

 you will need:

 - any plain white ceramic/porcelain cup
 - porcelain pen (i've used black one - it goes for about 4€)
 - drawn mustaches 
 - white sticker (for more accurate and easy drawing)

    fold the sticker in half, draw a half of moustache (or use a pre drawn tamplet) and cut it out.

position the sticker where you want your moustache to be and stick it. with a thin black marker draw the outline of the moustache.

let it dry for a bit, then remove the sticker. don't worry if the line is a bit "runny". it won't be visible after the colouring.

draw over the thin line with the porcelain pen, so you get the thick outline of the moustache. now, you just fill it in!  let it dry and guess what? you are DONE!      ta-da! :)

 you have your own stylish tea/coffee/cacao/ drinking cup. or use it for pencils, make up brushes,....

      i <3 moustaches

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  1. Odgovori
    1. le daj! super enostavno ze velikim efektom ;) pa prosim repost in slikce :D

  2. kok doobr, tegale se pa še mogoče lotim :D
    Xoxo, Peppi

  3. Vaaaa, kok je fajn! A mi lahko zaupaš kje si tak šik keramične lončke kupila =).

    1. te so iz Merkurja, so pa baje enaki v Kiku (imajo istega proizvajalca kot Ikea) :)

  4. Superfajno! Se bom lotla tud samaa :)


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