sobota, 26. maj 2012

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After i've made the open/closed sign for Babushka Boutique, Neva asked me if i wanted to help by making a new window display for the shop. i said yes in a hreatbeat! what a great creative oportunity!

I've bounced around different ideas and we decited for the rain drops display. Those of you who know what i do, may recognize the similarity with my cloud broaches (which are kind of becoming my signature piece and best sellers aswell!).

i've bought the fabric and made the raindrops. i've filled them with normal pillow filler which you can buy in any home depo store. i've used very thin monofillament line, so that the raindrops appear as floating in the air.

 I've asked Neva to by some fake grass (you can get this one already cut to a doormat size in any OBI store) and we just cut it to fit the square. She had bought some fake flowers, grass in a pot, watering cans and flower cans in IKEA, so we incorporated those aswell.

The green really brightened up the window and the raindrops really caught attention of people walking by.

For the first presentation of the lovely things Babushka has to offer i choose the colour pink and its light variatons. it really is better if all the items in the window have the similar colour palette. next  time its everything blue, then yellow, red, violet... Neva can change the window items every day! so every product in the shop has a chance of being seen (except for the clothes, but just for now!)


we were very happy with the finnished look and the feedback was awsome! it turly served its purpose - grabbing attetion !

do you like it?

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  1. Avtor je odstranil ta komentar.

  2. zadnjič sem jo obiskala...res prikupna trgovinca <3

  3. hvala! :) res je fino izpadlo... do naslednje :)


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