nedelja, 13. maj 2012

Babushka Boutique

Since this lovely boutique opened and my "jewlys" (collars, headbands, rings...) were settleing comfortable on it's lovely shelfs, i haven't had my thrusty (and heavy) camera with me. 'till this past thursday!

take a look inside of Babushka Boutique.


You can easily spend hours in here! so many lovely stuff from home decor, dresses, jewelry, toys, printed cards, .... i have a feeling i'll even see some home-made cupcakes! that would not be bad at all!

let me introduce just some of slovenian creative ladys that have their creations in Babushka (besidesmyself):

       do visit it, when you get a chance!

Ever so lovely owner Neva and all of us, who are creating the goodies, will be happy!

and this is a little something i've made to welcome you @ the door

3 komentarji:

  1. mimi, zelo lepo!
    res je luškana trgovinica.
    p.s. : en R ti je ušel pri mojem priimku edino ;)

    1. popravljeno! ;) prehitro sem tipkala, pa je ušel :)

  2. Trgovince s posebnim pridihom so naravnost čarobne...


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