ponedeljek, 07. maj 2012


i've been busy yet again.
i've made new broaches + brcelets.

I was working on saturday. It was a lovely sunny spring morning, perfect to visit the market, having a stroll by the river and to see what antiques are there to buy. I bought myself (well, my mum did- as a gift) a vintage brass italian make-up mirror. i love it! i've wanted one of these for so long, but all i saw were plastic, round ones in the shops. never thought i should look for one in the antique market :)

Saturday was also a great day for a very interesting event called J a n e's W a l k. My workplace (Vila Malina) was one of the 6 points they visited. Maja was also in attendance and she did a proper photo review of the event on her blog

All in all, a very good day!

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  1. zapestničke in broške so fejst lepe <3

  2. Kako so dnev včasih čarobni, delovni in sončni hkrati...


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