torek, 17. julij 2012

d i y. 4

it's time for another DIY! haven't done.. no, posted one in a long time.

this time it's and old rocking chairs turn.

you need:

- an old wooden item that needs refreshing
- acrylic colour in the tone of your choice (i've chosen bright mint for main colour, bought in 
  ART-Celje and basic mat white for base colour)
- sanding sponges of different roughness surfaces
- 2 brushes (small and large, depending on how detailed is the item you are colouring)
- gloves (to have a better grip on sanding sponges and to protect your hands)
- water based fast drying lacquer

the "tools"

i had to sand the whole chair, to remove all the old lacquer. first with the most rough sponge (to really remove all the upper layers) and then a milder one to get a nice fine finish. after the sanding i washed it with a damp cloth, to remove all the dust (this is important, to have a nice clean fine surface before you start the colouring).

after sanding

after the chair dried, i coloured it with a base white acrylic paint. it drys really fast so i coloured it with the main mint colour right afterwards.

to get the NEW/OLD look, i sanded some parts of the chair to make it look like its worn out. i love love love  this effect. it is still quite popular in the interior world and, of course, in Scandinavian design.

worn effect in detail

all it needed was a thin layer of water based lacquer to fix all the colours and it was DONE!

finnished look - yellow polka dot pillow is just a little detail i've added to make it more comfy
i'm happy the way it turned out. it really brightens up the whole place + an old rocking chair with huge sentimental value got a new fresh modern look. 


14 komentarjev:

  1. super!! <3
    + še lepi oblaček je na sliki! :)

    1. hvala <3 ja... kr paše v sliko :D

  2. Odgovori
    1. hvala! in sploh ni bilo toliko dela :)

  3. Res je fajn izpadel!!!! Ne vem,če ne bom enega svojega, Zelo starega, sicer že obnovljenega, malce "osvežila"...

    1. ja ja! Sabina, boš morala začeti pisati blog :) da bomo videli rezultat! ;)

  4. woow, kok je lep :)

  5. Ja, res je lep!
    Se vidi, da si v formi... :D

    1. dankešen! ;) haha, ja v formi pa res! :) razvijam konkretne mišice v desni podlakti :D

  6. Odgovori
    1. hvala Nina! :) pa hitro je šlo. tako, da komaj čakam, da se spet česa lotim :)


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