torek, 02. avgust 2011

house of colour

i've really been C R A Z Y about bringing some colour into our home.
it's a slow process, as i've came to see....but turquoise and violet are the winners far.
and i have noticed that both of the colours are widely reflected in my clothes for quite some time now.

 i adore picture frames.. even if i don't (yet) have the pics to put them in...i love to create a little personal gallery of either personal pics, random ones, pics of flowers, capitals of the world. i mix different shapes and sizes of the frames to get a more playful "theme". i think every big or small household should have one little personal gallery.

 these new "accessories for better living" adittions were really cheap...i love a good bargain...

 ..and i gave the living room window decorations a more summer feel.

what is your favourite colour?

2 komentarja:

  1. okvirji so res fina zadeva,tud jzt mislim da bi se vsak moral malo poigrat z njimi! ;)

    Glede barv je pa tko,da nimam najljubse, ker se mi le-ta spreminja iz meseca v mesec. :)

    Glavno da so barve,potem je svet lepši ;)

  2. okvirji so super! :) sem pravkar na misiji v iskanju fotografij :) jaz tudi obožujem barve, ampak ti dve se mi pa "vlečeta" tematsko že eno leto :) čist sem "ztreskana" vanju ;)


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