sobota, 27. avgust 2011


it's still pretty hot here. summer has really kicked in this august...and i like it. despite that, i went to see, what the stores have to offer for this fw11.

i must say i was not THAT impressed....a lot of brownish colors, which im not  fan of (op. for clothes; they don't look good on me). i did liked how this season is all about clean simple designs and playful patterns in cool-calm colors...a great oportunity to balance it off with bright colorful accessories

my main focus was to find a good pair of boots. and i found them!

im in luv <3

 they are perfect for me. black, studded, they go with everything i wear (skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings..), comfortable and sturdy. well worth it's money.

animal design is still IN, so get yourself a pair of earrings, a ring, necklace, a broach (i got these 2 in Newyorker for 5€!) in any animal u find. stick to the aged gold, grey and black for jewelry.

mom made me (would made them myself but i dont know how to sow on a old-school sweing machine :P) a pair of "Beetlejuice" (<-- a fan!) baggy pants, to wear at home as sweats :) REALLY comfy.

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