četrtek, 25. oktober 2012

cART .5

another one! and it went by so fast! really, i feel like every (this is third one for me) art fair is even shorter.
a chilling saturday morning quickly got cozy by a morning coffee greeting me on my usualy place (thanks to Maruša & Tinkara <3). Lucija came right afterwards and we got into a girly chat whilst prepring our stands. Some of the lovely ladys that organized the whole shabang joined the "chat club", meaning, that we (well, I) totally forgot the time. it was waaay past 9:30.

After my quick hello to the other designers and a few shots i had to return to my stand - customers! it noon already!? where did the time go?! and just by skipping a beat, another cART.5 was under wraps. 

i was really happy to see some new designers and all lovely things they brought (prints, ceramic bowls, crystal earrings...) 

+ i've got a really nice suprise. Manja gave me one of her lovely hand painted frames <3 tank you!

it really as a lovely day once again. a big thank you to all the visitors and all the cART ladys. 
i'm taking a break in november, just to get ready for the most busy month to come.
dear cART, see you in december! :)

me and my Mimi stand


Studio Ninocka

watercolour and hand print <3

lovely prints!


Luko design

the chat club :)



P!ka- za piko na i
a gift from Manja - Okvirček

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