torek, 31. maj 2011

i love this city

im back!

London has proven once more to be the most fabiolus city of them all !

I've seen everything i've passed before (Tate, Natural & Science Museum, Museum of London...), i've discovered little streets full of goodies, i've spend some money, i hugged my dear friend, drank a lot of ale, enjoyed the lovely weather (suprisingly it was really sunny the whole trip) and the most important one of all - my creativity battery is FULL.

I thought i would make a lot more pics, but i find it really hard to concentrate on discovering, enjoying, gazing with my mouth open and photographing at the same time :) i need to get more skillz

    my hosts <3 ( my best friend Martina & her boyfriend Jaimie)

                              the only reason saying NO to these was the price (isn't it always, really?)

N°3's i loved in London
-->  the sky was always full of airplane lines
-->  the word SORRY in a very cheeky/polite way
-->  listening to the different languages being spoken while riding the Tube

See you next year, dear London! (Martina, i'll see you sooner ;] )

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