torek, 12. april 2011


it has been a while innit? :)

i've been a very busy bee....& the results are here :)

first off: we "renovated" THE SHOP....4 days of hard work... may not look much, but beliveee me there is a whole lot of planning involved. if you move a piece you must replace it with repeat that until ur done. Everything must be color & style coordinated so it transfers different "themes" of the rooms.

i think we've done a pretty awsome job.

Judge for urself ;)

i've also managed to create some of the new jewelry pieces (pics soon).

i've been having difficultys coming up with a good design for earrings... kida strange, considering i own and love them of all the jewelry pieces. Im so glad its spring; loads of creative ideas!...i just need the time to realize them :)

happy happy tuesday



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